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I thought that I was going to suffer from boredom because AC230 is a 4 hour class. How long can one stay online? I really didn’t think I’d last. But after the first day I felt I could do this again…


I didn’t mind learning how to blog, I liked it better when we kept playing around with blogging and blogging tools. I learned much from the course because now I can photoshop better, I learned how to throw in audio, make montages, create my very own webpage, hyperlink, download images and files. I learned so much in the class, and I’ve already started making videos for my friends and I to view on my youtube account. I feel like this course was educational and so very interesting because I got to be a maker. There are very few opportunities in my classes to make anything as cool as my portable heater. Heck, I’m going to build it again, and again and possibly share it amongst my hiker pals since we do a lot of camping out. This was a course I’d like to see other students take because it honestly allowed for exploration, mistakes and growth.

One thing I enjoyed most about blogging is that it always had guidelines. The professor was able to guide us though let us create and express our thoughts and ideas how we wanted to. I have a new appriciation for the blogging culture because of this, and I have more of an appriciation because I had a voice.

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  1. i forgot to mention in my final thought that we did experiment with photoshopping . Photoshopping is a fun way as a teacher to get students to tell stories about themselves or creatively express how they are feeling connecting the subject to their personal experience

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