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I can’t stress is enough that anything created is done on a trial and error process. I have learned this firsthand from the video shown above.  As you have seen my cell didn’t exactly compare to Se7en’s perfect cell model.

First I went to the candy store and although, I went there with a plan I ended up buying more than what I was going to use.  Next I went home and prepared the jello which is the foundation of the model.  I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one person in our class does not know how to make jello. Hey I didn’t until my son was about one and a half and I ran out of things (food in particular) to introduce him to. 🙂 . Steps to making jello are

  1. boil one cup of water
  2. dispense all of the jello package into the boiling water
  3. mix until all jello grains are dissolved
  4. immediately add one cup of cold water
  5. pour into desired bowl and refrigerate

These instructions can also be found in the jello package.

I used my imagination, a biology book and started to visualize the organelles according to images.  This was very helpful.

The negative aspect of this project is the lack of assorted color candy in the market. another negative, is the color I chose for the jello next time I think I’ll use yellow (somatic cell) and green (plant cell). Lastly, another negative part is that I am not a HUGE candy fan so I didn’t get to eat much. 🙁 .

One a brighter note, I will keep working and have open mind to what I can do to make my education tool work better the next time around.

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  1. Ely,

    I watched your video and I would like to commend you for holding it together. Rey and I also encountered a few bumps doing our project the 1st time around so I have to agree with the trail and error part, its necessary to try it out and make necessary revisions that work best for you and your future students. Great job and I agree you should try a lighter color such as yellow or a lime green so that the candy pieces stand out more. Good luck with your final trial!!

  2. Making requires learning and this was a fabulous, fabulous effort. I can only imagine how much fun this would be to have a classroom of students working with jello molds, building cell structures. What a wonderful way to create connections between all the diverse parts of a cell – build your own!

  3. lol did you et your project as soon as you were done because it looked good. students would probably eat the project before it was finish. I believe this is excellent because students can learn science and anatomy in biology by relating it to their favorite kind of candy and it is easier to remember that wat. During a test they’ll be like where is the ribosome located and they’ll remember something like o yea it was the fish candy located at such and such place in the body

  4. I really love this idea. God bless you because that involved so many different types of candy plus oatmeal to create such a wonderful project. It’s different and I would have never thought of something so creative to represent a community of scientific figures. I enjoyed watching your video and all the progress you made and your honesty about what was affecting you. This is a great idea and would definitely make living environment and learning about stuff like this in the future for any kid or teenager really fun. Plus you can eat what you learn afterwards.! LOL its a win win situation =)

  5. I really really like this idea. You did a good job at putting it together. For someone like me, (that sadly was never a too interested in any science) this is interesting to watch and could capture anyones attention. You can easily learn the parts. Also, I know that a lot of people learn when they do things themselves as opposed to just watching someone else do it, or listening to the details. So to have students do it is a great way for them to really learn it. Neat video of yours! =)

  6. Ely,
    This is so awesome, I so love the idea of making the cell body with jello. I truly think this is sick. I get how hard this may be, because so much could go wrong. I think its really great that you chose this project to do.

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