Youth and The Hive Learning Network, NYC


Chris Lawrence introduces Mozilla Hive “PARTY” in this video.  Lawrence is project director of the Hive Learning Network NYC at New Youth City Learning Network.  I visited his Linkedin profile and was shocked that he started of with a career in music industry and switched to a better suited one in educational technology.  Another thing he mentions in his profile is his huge interest in museums, this is not only said, but obvious according to his lengthy line of work in museums .

Its amazing that Blogs spots and Twitter are really going viral.  Hive Learning Network NYC is maintained by Chris Lawrence team of expertise. I visited their website Explore + Create + Share today and was blown away by a Explainers as Designers: Teens Creating Phone Apps.  Back when I was teenager I would be in front of my computer (mobile technology merely existed) playing race games, call me a tomboy, but I used to love to race. In todays world, kids are making apps. How neat.  Now, in light of all this technology available there are educational “Parties” that adults and young children can attend.  One event that my son and I will enjoy is Little Maker at New York Hall of Science this summer.

Now we believe in NYC with Hive NYC that networks, that bringing people together, with passion, with shared interests, with shared believes is a great way to have a great party and have great parties thrown all the time. So building affinity  groups, professionals, and youth that want to build.  So friends, some of our members of Point and Dream Yard, they get together and they have parties they know each other, they want to play together.  That’s what we need to do.


Today I’de like to announce something that I think is going to be exciting this summer  and that is that Mozilla and Hive are going to bring together a whole culture of people who are going to spend the whole summer thinking about coding and building web makers in the kitchen backyards in libraries and those kinds of places.

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3 thoughts on “Youth and The Hive Learning Network, NYC

  1. Ely,

    The party idea is awesome! What better way to learn right? I think its fantastic to involve learning in a party scene but at the same time, I think that parties bring a certain kind of people and may leave out the outcast and the person that isn’t the social butterfly. I love this idea though, its truly cool and I’d like to see it in process.

    Best, Rey Awesome

  2. i love this video
    you actually have an entertaining video to watch and you can watch the whole video without being bored because i can easily relate to mingling at parties and networking with hopes of advancing your profession and sharing like ideas or different ideas to further yourself in a career

  3. I think this guy is the most clearest speaker I have witnessed from this project,etc. I like his ideas in regards to parties and having fun as well. He is so right. You need material, foods, and paper as well. That’s true. LOL about him talking about some people having gone to, “crappy parties.” He is a very humorous individual including what he talks about hacking fests and hacking and sharing in general. I like the way that he speaks and carries himself. Pretty cool.

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