#TeamMakers – Decisions, Decisions …. Rocket vs. Heater

For the Makers project me and Rey teamed up and went through many different ideas as to what we can make that also be an assignment we can teach to our future students. We didn’t to just build anything we wanted our “Maker” or “Tool” to serve a purpose.¬† The first idea we came up with was to make “High-Pressure Foam Rockets” as were seen on the Make Project website, we felt that it was fun, creative¬†and fundamental for our future classrooms but it wasn’t challenging enough. So we stumbled across the “Altoids -Tin Heater”, and we thought it was perfect, challenging, creative. The project even though it seems rather easy it was a bit of a challenge especially when it came to cutting and punching holes through the sheet metal.

The objective of this tool is to teach our future students how to build a portable heater for survival kit purposes possibly to use when camping and needing to roast marshmallows or to simply boil water as suggested on the web-page. Stay tuned for our final finished product!

This is the link to Reyawesome’s post of our 2nd attempt of building our Heater.

3 thoughts on “#TeamMakers – Decisions, Decisions …. Rocket vs. Heater

  1. I was watching the video that Reya made and I really like your idea. I think that it could really benefit college students especially during winter time and camping, etc. It’s a great tool for those who suffer from other things who need something like this to keep them afloat. I can’t wait to see what else you guys come up with and end up doing with the final project.

  2. That just may be a portable heater and a portable something else to go with it!

  3. Hey i think your idea is very creative and will very useful, sometimes it’s the simple things that take the most time because its the simple things that end up being most useful, though it may be simple the use of it is very significant and i like it Good Job!

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