My reaction to this steady flow of knowledge/ course- (Bumper my course)

So I was thinking about this course since the first day of class. It’s one of the most refreshing courses that I have actually taken in a long time. This helps me to understand how I can make use of digital technology and implement that into my daily life. I feel that by the use of this technology, it has open my eyes to new programs I have never touched, including iPhoto, Photoshop, iMovie, Photobooth, and other programs including Sound Cloud, Tumblr and Flickr. I never knew how to distort images or blur them to my satisfaction. I never knew how to do anything really that dealt with editing or video clip arrangement. I learned so much and I continue to learn every day with the creative assignments that are uploaded to the site not just from me but from my creative classmates and professor. I enjoy it and I feel that this course is extremely worthwhile to take.


The classroom can be fun with interactive teacher student technology lessons=)

5 thoughts on “My reaction to this steady flow of knowledge/ course- (Bumper my course)

  1. Hey Malika,
    I so feel the same way about the course. Much of the stuff we do I’ve never done before and I think that its cool to experiment with what we teach ourselves.

  2. yes i like this class you get a chance to express your self creatively through digital media and learn the language of the internet.

  3. Yea, I definitely agree, I was also unfamiliar with new media but now that I am taking this course creative and new ideas are flowing and I am excited because I have something I can show my future students and at the same time I think I found a new hobby especially with the Digital Storytelling, I am actually having fun on every assignment because I’m learning something new every time.

  4. Hey,

    I really enjoyed the course as well and learned how to use many different types of video and photo editing platforms. You should post this picture to the Class Google picture board because it does express how you feel about the course, Good Luck!!

  5. Hey Malika, I totally feel the same way. This class has allowed me to work with things that I nevere have before. They are so useful no matter what major anyone is in. It has been great so far and it allows us to express ourselves in different ways. =)

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