My Pants, Flowers, and Bit of Burn Out

So the parts to build the 350x microscope haven’t shown up yet, but the extremely inexpensive ($3) magnifying loop showed up. I like many a maker following the best instructions, ran into trouble. But that’s what makes the ‘thingy’ yours, not perfect but wholly mine.

I did achieve my first microscopic animated GIF of a candle flame. But I almost melted the microscope in the process.

6 thoughts on “My Pants, Flowers, and Bit of Burn Out

  1. Hey professor,

    Your module came out great and in working order! Thats so cool. I remember wanting to build like an amplifier but The amp kit on ebay cost as much as one already built so I decided it made no sense. Maybe I’ll get it anyways and try my luck to make it wholly mine as I know I would. You vid is inspiring.

    -Rey Awesome

  2. This is such a great and interesting mod for your microscope. I like your idea a lot. If all iPhones or apple products had that it would make everything look so much better especially when you take pictures, videos, etc. P.s your samples came out really well. I like this a lot and I feel that this product could do really well on the market.

  3. Hey professor,

    This video of you making your mod was good and I see that you showed the steps. Also just as many of us you also hit a few minor bumps but I’m sure with a few modifications we will all perfect our tool and be ready to teach our future students the joy of it with easy step by step instructions.

  4. Hey Professor, I can only imagine how the pricier one would do. The one you used is great as it is. The animated gif looks great!

  5. So I was in my kitchen and killed some kind of flying bug. I don’t know what it is but it did not look like neither a mosquito not a fly. and I thought to myself, how cool would it be to take a picture of this with Mr. Smith’s microscope. I might just order one for myself. It would be very useful because I myself have taken pictures with a cell phone of cell samples in my biology classes. I would love to share them, but I can’t attach them to this post.

    • Yeah right? I’m bringing it to class on Monday. And you should post some of your cell samples in a blog post, just to share. I’d love to see them!

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