my maker plan

after a week of thinking what i can build or modify and ultimately use in a classroom setting, i have come up with nothing! I always find these types of assignments difficult. one DIY project that has caught my attention was a do it yourself video on making an air conditioner! i love the idea and that it’s simple to build. though it might not have a purpose for teaching a subject or topic, it can be useful for those nasty hot days your teaching in a class that has no A/C and no air coming in through the windows! i remember when i was in junior high and high school having to learn in a classroom that was unbearably hot because their was never in A/C or fan in the room. I could not learn anything, all i did was look at the clock and hoped for time to fly by. my thing is you can carry it and leave it in the classroom and hook it up whenever your students complain about the heat, just set it up in the back of the classroom. It will make your day more pleasant and your students will give you thier undivided attention, hopefully! I will post up my video figuring it out soon!



5 thoughts on “my maker plan

  1. I might just make this myself lol. Who knew it could be so simple to make a functional AC? But please dont bring to class. It is already super cold in here haha.

  2. You’re forgetting how cool it would be to have students make ACs together in the classroom. That would end the griping about the heat and teach them to solve the problem together. Now that’s a tool to support your teaching!

  3. LOL at the world’s cheapest ac unit. That is so affordable its crazy. I like that many people could actually afford this especially today…it literally feels like 100 degrees and over which can feel suicidal sometimes, lol. This guy is pretty smart. I really do like the idea and that you can use things you have already that re not so expensive. I also like the frozen water bottle idea to prevent further shock or damage, etc. I am excited to see what your final outcome looks like.

  4. I really enjoyed the video. Sound like something my dad would like to build. He’s always making things and almost never throws away old things because and I quote “we’ll need it someday”. 🙂 Hoarding is the right term. Although his case is mild and not severe like people in that T.V. show “Hoarders”.

    Anyway, anyway back to your tool. Awsome

  5. This is a really cool tool. I like this idea! I might just try it to just to try it.=) Pretty awesome.

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