ERobot (Building Bot for Essays ( Maker video)

Hey, this is a video of what I plan to make to help benefit my future students as a future educator.  What I originally intended to be hand made instruments turned out to be a Robot like diagram that will help students understand the structure and significance of an essay.  Many students do not understand the importance of the order in an essay but presented in a body like manner, I believe will drive it home and make it more clearer.  Here’s a video of me starting my process on the ERobot its not yet done but it is in the making. I do apologize for the angle, hope you did not break your neck trying to watch this video 🙂
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7 thoughts on “ERobot (Building Bot for Essays ( Maker video)

  1. The brainstorming essay robot. Very interesting for sure. I would love to see you have students build these themselves and then see how they sticky-note out their ideas for an essay.

  2. Hey belinda,

    This is a neat idea, I think that this would definitely help students with writing essays. It’s visual, kin esthetic but I dont know if its very auditory, unless you build this is class with them step by step. But that was just a thought this project your working on seems to be coming a far way considering you totally rerouted. It looks so good and I can’t wait to see the outcome!

    Best, Rey Awesome

  3. I think this is a really awesome idea. I’m sure kids would be interested in this robot because it’s something cool to look at and they are learning things in the structure the way they should. Really nice=)

  4. i realyl like this idea to be honest. The idea of any type of robot is really great. I really hope that this happens in the future because it looks like a really great robot to incorporate into society. I like it a lot. You seem to really know what you are doing and LOL at your little brother in the video, thats funny. I like your idea a lot though. Can’t wait to see your final project.

  5. I think thats really cool that as you were building it something popped in your head to tweak it. I think thats the essence of creating something original and new. By the way, let your brother have some fame!! lol

  6. This is really cool; and a fantastic and creative way to teach essay writing. With it being so hands on, I can imagine this lesson staying with students for a long time to come.

  7. This is way to cool!!I see you encountered a similar dilemma as me and changed your mind as to what to make. Your students will definitely love and enjoy this assignment because they get to use the robot as a guide/outline to construct their essays and short papers. This is useful tool to prepare them for college style writing that we are all to familiar with. I can’t wait to see the finished product !!

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