bumper this!!

I had a really fun time creating this bumper sticker types of pictures on what I have felt about the class. I think its pretty funny lol, you guys be the judge.

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6 thoughts on “bumper this!!

  1. This is neat angel, post it on our collaborate drawing if you’d like, it would look better there!

      • go to prof. post or mine for the bumper sticker thing and click on the link titled, “collaborated drawing” or something like that and add your pics there.

  2. I really like your memes. I love the one that says, “one does not simply embed in ac230” and “i dont always use a mac, but when i do, i don’t know what the hell im doing” LOL..I love that and I love how the world is slowly transforming from Windows to mac. Macs are pretty cool and together by learning with digital media, etc, we can all understand the world a lot more better. Great memes and drawings. Nice.

  3. Arod,

    This is so cool and I enjoy the quirky statements that goes with each picture. I agree with @Reya, embed it with the class bumper picture.

  4. I like it a lot, and I especially love the one with Doc from Back to the future, I love that movie lol. Cool bumper stickers =)

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