All it Takes is One, Mimi Ito

Mizuko also known as Mimi Ito is a research scientist,Writer and Professor at Kelo University.  She is an individual that researches how teenagers and youths communicate using new media. Mimi Ito is currently the PI of the  Digital Youth Project and is focused on how youth engage with new media individually and collectively. In the Ignite Talk Saturday Mimi explained and expressed her opinions on how new media that youth are using to communicate and express themselves can be included in education, to create a diverse learning environment .

One of the quotes that interested me was when she stated “we can no longer talk about educational opportunity as simply putting kids through standardized pipelines in a digital era where learning is highly distributed…” 
The second quote i really enjoyed was when she stated ” We need to come  together as  coalition around the vision of learning that isn’t about where its not about pushing all kids down the same narrow pipeline to success…”

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2 thoughts on “All it Takes is One, Mimi Ito

  1. a pipeline. I like that imagery. I feel that education is definitely pushing kids through this one size fits all mentality, which obviously does not work.

  2. I like her ways of thinking and her future for success in adults and the relationship between educational and standard pipelines. I like her digital youth project and her use of videos and fan remixes. pretty cool .

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