We are the Makers! ::sings::

Finally! Evelyn and I finally made our portable heater! The steps were to be recreated, but we feel it may have been a one time thing because the recreation of our first project was actually a miracle.



  • Metal sheet paper
  • Tea light
  • scissors
  • Lighter/matches
  • Tin box
  • Hole puncher
  • Imagination

Step one: Plan a layout

Step two: Measure tin box and cut out a piece of sheet that would fit into the box

Step three: Try very very hard to punch holes for fire to go through

Step four: Create a stand for the tea light to create stability

Step five: create a barrier so that the matches and tea light are sparated

Last but not least, test it out, be sure the box can shut tightly for portibility!


Portable heater brought to you by Eirby and Reyawesome

It works! It really works!

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5 thoughts on “We are the Makers! ::sings::

  1. I certainly love the portability aspect of your device. Love the creativity using simple and easy to find resources.

  2. This thing is pretty cool! Was it an inspired project? You should cook something for us with it for next week!

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  5. OMG yay I love this wow. I want one! you guys better sell that for some dinero lol its a wonderful idea. YAY SUCCESSSSS! SO happy for you guys and I enjoyed watching your progress come together and come to what you wanted. GREAT JOB =) happy for you guys.

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