Visual Assignment 487 – DS 106 (Chris Brown & Drake)

Sometimes having a greater variety makes it difficult to make a decision. I can certainly say that this was the case for the visual assignment. After an hour of browsing, I finally decided on Assignment 487. I selected a picture of hip-hop/R&B artist Chris Brown and Drake since they recently got into a melee at a NYC club. This is certainly another black eye for the hip-hop culture. Two young successful artist’s simply not thinking logically and not serving as role models to their younger fan base by getting into a scuffle over another female celebrity that wasn’t even present at the time.

Hope you enjoy the picture and quote!




5 thoughts on “Visual Assignment 487 – DS 106 (Chris Brown & Drake)

  1. This is sad but so true. Some celebrities do not realize that whether or not they choose to be role models they are automatically one because they are celebrities. The spotlight is on them and they need to be mindful and aware of what they do, this is one of the responsibilities that comes with fame and they have to accept it. This is a cool assignment, I want to know how you would use this in the classroom?

  2. Heya Sesh,

    I’m not really familiar with anything that happened with Drake or Chris Brown, but I like your post and the quote… cool.

    -Rey Awesome

  3. I heard about this incident too between these two fools. I call them fools because this is immature and it’s funny because Rihanna was involved somewhat in both of their lives especially Chris Brown. This is crazy but I like the quote. It shows a lot.

  4. Hi ojobelinda,

    Great question! As a future physical educator I would create a digital assignment for students to choose their favorite athlete and have them illustrate their vision or philosophy of success in sports. The assignment would require students to demonstrate through visual media what athletes do to find the means to the end (reaching a goal). The focus would need to be on athletes achievements on the field not off the field.
    They would have the option to use either still images or video with a required minimum of at least two still images if they decide on a non-video illustration.

  5. Can you hyperlink back to the original ds106 assignment for reference?

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