One Shot: Cell division

Subject: Cell division (mitosis)

Aim: What are the five phases of mitosis (somatic cells).

Summary: In inspiration of DS106, One shot project I completed, As a future high school teacher of biology, I would create the same assignment for my class to make, but this time around only involving cell division.  Remixing, reshaping, cropping a one shot image of each process of the cell division is a creative way for the students to engage to both technology and their aim for that day, which is to learn about the the phases of mitosis cell division. like this,



2 thoughts on “One Shot: Cell division

  1. I like the idea of the one shot translation to biology cells, but something is missing for me. Maybe that it’s still filled with jargon? I’m not getting a sense that the student would be showcasing comprehension of what’s actually happening with the cells (I don’t know what’s going on myself). Would a comic book format make more sense? Students would give the various cell structures dialogue and action so we could understand what they’re doing to/with one another? There are tons of web-based comic book generators online students could import images into and work with.

  2. Hey Ely, This is great idea and approach for a Biology assignment. The cropping and reshaping of each cell division makes the assignment interesting. Biology wasn’t one of my better subjects in high school, but this would certainly keeps students engaged.

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