How I Made My Tool (Video), Rhizomatic Learning

I’m currently still in the process of making my tool. As mentioned on my previous post, my plan is to make a tool for me to use with students as a future physical educator. In the video I go into details on my ongoing project. Stay tuned….






5 thoughts on “How I Made My Tool (Video), Rhizomatic Learning

  1. I think you are off to a good start, I can’t wait to see the finished project, your maker plan can probably help somebody like me who is unfamiliar and clueless when it comes to sports especially of this kind, lol, Good Job!

  2. Hey sesh, your gadget planning for the future is really cool. I remember doing something like this also but instead we used hola-hoops. I like that your totally going to build a whole stadium like wall for students to get to use. It would feel like a carnival! Its fun and engaging for learners meanwhile teaching them basic P.E. great stuff!

  3. This is a really great idea! It is wonderful as a start to teaching the basics to students. Looking forward to seeing the end result. Cool=)

  4. wow…this seems really cool. I really like the fact that you are trying to incorporate different types of sports into this maker project.

  5. This sounds interesting and the strategics that your using sounds that it will be helpful in your future P.E. class. I know children tend to struggle with how to hold, throw, and dribble the different types of balls. I feel once you master the task it will be very useful. Good Luck!!

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