Digital Storytelling K-12

As a future physical educator I would create a digital assignment where students would be able to illustrate their vision or philosphy of success in sports.

To clarify, the goal is for students, using still images and/or video clips, to demonstrate what their perception of success within sports is.  They can refer to commercials such as Nike or Gatorade or billboards.

The assignment is to have students reflect on their own concept of success and what their perspective is to reach that goal (the means to the end).  For example, success may be a runner helping a fellow athlete cross the finish line, even if it means losing the race.  It can also mean a watching a clip or clips of people waking up each day before school to practice their sport.

Hope you enjoy my sample illustration below.


7 thoughts on “Digital Storytelling K-12

  1. Hey sesh,

    Let me start by saying I dig your sample project, it was cute anf funny. I think your assignment for the future is interesting. It may help students express their own beliefs about sports and philosophy, this way you’d have a greater knowledge of student body.

    -Rey Awesome

  2. lol the pic is funny. I like this idea. It would enable students to think critically about images that make sense with certain acheivements professional athletes do. As in your picture, the little kid is pumping his fist and you are showing Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit. Very cool.

  3. Hi Sesh15, I think it’s interesting to have students research and create content based on athletic success stories, but I worry your instructions will be open to a lot of different interpretations. Maybe you could be a little more specific? Do you wish for a student to work with a quote from an athlete? A line from an article about an athlete?

    Are they to then make what? I think there needs to be more guidance here. If it were a video, possibly the students could make a mock interview. One student being a reporter, another being the athlete. It could be based on a real interview or statistics. It could even be silly, for example asking them to mimic the “I’m going to Disney World commercials,” writing a script and using highlight photos and videos.

  4. Thanks for the feedback Professor Smith. I’ll be sure to redefine the assignment as well as use your sugestions/guidance.

  5. @ reyawesome and arod2290, thanks for the feedback. Stay tuned. I’ll be making some changes to the assignment.

  6. Hey Sesh,

    I think that that the picture and concept is too cute and fuuny!! I agree with the professor you would need to make the objective for the assignment very clear as well as its purpose of the assignment. You’re definitely on the right path just a little more clarification. Good Luck!!

  7. Fellow Bloggers,
    I made updates to my original posted assignment. Hope it clarifies.

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