A new start with an infinite TED talker

Phillip Schmidt is the co-founder and co-executive of Peer to peer University which is a web based learning community. Schmidt has background in computer science and economics and has worked as an IT consultant for the Accenture Center for Strategic Technology.

Phillip Schmidt

Quoting: Phillip Schmidt in The Digital Media and Learning Conference

  1. For a long time now we know that lectures are a really bad way of helping people learn, but we continue to do that anyway.
  2. What if we look at a different starting point, re imagine what online learning will look like.
  3. Online challenges are problem based learning online, big problems that are relevant to people’s lives…

In the first quote he says that we all know that lectures alone are a bad way to help people learn, but we do it anyway. I think that he’s right and that’s something that should change. I really enjoyed Phillip Schmidt TED talk because he managed to engage the audience and even though it was a TED talk he got the audience to participate in his layout.

I like that Phillip asked, what if we looked at a different starting point. I didn’t think of it before, but he was right we should look at educational resources with new eyes and see what could really happen.

Finally, his last quote which involved explaining what online challenges were but rather having it relate to his audience. In order to learn, there should be some sort of problem that powers your brain and it should definitely be something that you could relate to, it gives it meaning to the context and the context will live on.

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10 thoughts on “A new start with an infinite TED talker

  1. I like him…he has a slight accent but he is very intelligent and the things that he proposes and the solutions about challenges are pretty cool. He is concerned about creating something personal and sharing it with other people. I like the way that he thinks. It is pretty cool.

    • Malika, I know right! He’s awesome, he was fun, and the video was short and sweet! I think he’s got a creative flow to him and it makes him 10 times more interesting I wish I found him for my inspirational posting assignment we did earlier in the semester.

  2. Some interesting quotes, but you should look back at the assignment for what you are to also do in this blog post which includes: researching a bit about Phillip, hyperlinking to the quotation points in the Youtube video, and creating a poll for your classmates to respond to.

    • Hey Professor, sorry I never save drafts I usually post it then edit, just in case but thanks for the reminder, I’m working on it now… trying to do the timing thing for the vid.

      • That’s fine. You can always revert a post to a draft while you’re working on it!

  3. this is awesome you figured it out reyla you figured it out im going to comment on your poll right now

  4. o dag you dont have a submit button for your thing imma post it in your comments then copy and paste it in your offical updating of polls.

    i dont believe lectures are 100 percent effective because most of them are just speakers who leave no room for feedback. i believe lectures can be effective if they allow for the audience to ask questions pertaining to the information presented but in most cases lectures dont allot for this type of interaction due to the magnitude of audience present. it would be impossible to answer everyone’s question but to answer the question it is not generally effective but it can be if some room for feedback is alloted

    i think it is important for students to relate to the context of what they’re learning because they should be able to implement their acquired knowledge in practical terms. the good old saying practice what you preach…. you can know about something and recite many different variables concerning a particular subject but you should be able to practice this is everyday life to where it is useful to you in the physical form. It is a matter of doing and not just saying and knowing because that is only half of the equation. it is important for students to be able to relate to the material learned because it gives them a better understand of what is being learned and connects the material to themselves and reality.

  5. I like the quotes. Especially the first one. I think teachers like to beat students over the head with the same concepts even if it does not work. Looking forward to your questions. I’m following the instructions and not having any luck getting my questions uo\p -_-

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