To the rescue: My maker plan

So, I’ve been giving quite some thought to what I would like to built and what I think my future k-6 classroom will find interesting and how it can help them.  I got the idea of making a mini first aid kit. Which can be viewed here.  I have some other ideas in mind but for now, I’m leaning more towards this one.  This is something that can be very useful, as it contains things that children will need in case of a bad boo, and phone numbers that they need in case they get lost or of an emergency.  The best is that since it’s small enough to fit in a book bag so it’always with them:) In Grant Potters video, I loved how he gives so many examples of connections between values and education, most importantly he shows that education needs to be valued by all.

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Hello to everyone! A little about myself....I am currently majoring in Bilingual Childhood Education and I will be entering my 4th semester once the Fall semester begins. I graduated BMCC in Jan of 2011 with a degree in Liberal Arts... Everyday I try to do my best in everything and maintain a positive mind in order to move forward and fulfill my goals. Although I feel like I've been on the college path for an eternity, I've realized for me, "steady and slow wins the race" :) I love tropical places and I hate pollution! Hope to island and country hop with my family one day:) Good luck to all, in all that you do!

3 thoughts on “To the rescue: My maker plan

  1. Hey Christine,

    I think this idea is so cool and useful. These kits will come in handy especially during field trips when kids will tend to get boo boos, scrapes or even wander off. I hope that you find it easy to put together.

  2. I really like your idea. I think that it would really help many people in the world, etc including students, para, professionals, etc.

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