New Way of Life aka Education

Hey as I was doing the Ds106 assignment I was wondering how i would apply such tools and assignments in my classroom.  After i did the Montage assignment I realized that things would be an awesome idea to implement in a highschool environment seeing that i am an English major I would have the class read a certain play, novel or short story and ask them to respond to it using a montage. Through this montage I want them to expalin their favorite quote or part of what they read.  This will be fun and allow them to be engaged and excited about homework or applications which is what one of my professors called it to make it sound less boring and demanding to students. There is so much I can do using Digital storytelling.  I was also thinking how to explain theme using a montage and how frequently it has to constantly appear in order for it to be a solid theme.  I also thought about how i could use sound cloud to explain tone and the effects of tone in both when reading a play or novel and the significance of it.  This is a video of my response after I have read the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare.  This is an example of what my students would do, the objective is to assess and understand reading comprehension and to have fun!!, hope you enjoy it 🙂


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  1. I really love your compilation of Kate Winslet and this other famous piece. I know how hard you worked to put it on here as well but this was a really great job.

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