My English has gozen bezer over ze years

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The level of difficulty is without a doubt a two star. I did not know where to begin at first, but then remembered that my computer had “Garage Band“. I opened it for the first time since I bought my notebook back in 2010.  Wow I know. Technology is amazing. The most difficult part was saving it into AAC.  At first I thought I would just save it as AAC when “Save As” was clicked, but sadly that was not the case.  I had to click on “Share” and then click on “Send song to itunes” where it would automatically save it as AAC version. The less difficult part was adding my audio to Sound Cloud and then posting it.

This being said I recorded myself speaking English with a Russian accent by inspiration of DS106, May I take your order? audio project.  While recording this clip, I thought about my father and his german,  russian, polish, uruguayan, argentinian accents. He’s such a character.  Over the years I have found to be doing the same when I read to my son. It’s crazy how unknowingly educators also change their voice when reading to young children.  It grabs their attention, makes them giggle, makes it fun.

2 thoughts on “My English has gozen bezer over ze years

  1. This assignment is sooooo New York. I love the inflection that comes from the many, many cultures that live in the city. Great work finally cracking open Garage Band and making your first sound project!

  2. Garage Band is great! Glad you were able to use it. Love the accent. I can agree that teachers do suddenly transform in their own way when in action. It reminds me of when I see my wife who’s been teaching for 11 years now. At our last family event my cousin and I tried calling the kids for cake and got no response. My wife suddenly jumps into action and in less than 30 seconds kids were automatically lining up for cake. It’s just something about that sudden transformation. Great job on the audio clip!

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