Who Said Pacifiers Were Only for Babies

yellow doggy pacifier

Inspirational DS106, splash the color assignment was not so much challenging to computer savvy’s .  I for one are not and I immediately opened a video tutorial: splash the color. I found it very, very, very helpful.  Above is my loving, adorable, very active pet Lily.  This picture was one of the pictures that I took when  I first brought her home.  Another picture that I was inspired to do is this one below.  I call it One Rose Among Many Roses. I think I might have actually mastered  this assignment.

3 thoughts on “Who Said Pacifiers Were Only for Babies

  1. i think that though your assignment was not complicated it still made a big difference because you learned something. I think you did a good job, especially in the colors you chose. Cute dog by the way

  2. I recently downloaded an app to my phone that I was able to this as well to my pictures. I’ve always admired photos such as yours. Its good that you learned how to create images such as this because you will be able to do similar ones with your future students

  3. These are beautiful! You definitely mastered it. It’s great that you were able to find a good tutorial and were able to teach yourself a new skill.

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