Visual Assignments: King of the Meltdowns

When the professor mentioned this assignment in class I was interested, I went through the various assignments on ds106 before making a decision. I decided to do the Visual Assignment: King of the Meltdowns, I felt the quote fit the picture I found. It was kind of hard trying to pair the perfect picture with the perfect quote, but I feel they relate to Charlie Sheen and his character on Two and Half Men.

I used Photoshop Express to assist with my photo editing for this assignment. I feel that an assignment such as this can be incorporated in my classroom because I can have my students pick a favorite line from a poem or a famous leader and match it to a picture that relates to the quote as well as inspire them.

2 thoughts on “Visual Assignments: King of the Meltdowns

  1. this is funny
    photoshopping someone else into this comdeian show is funny
    and it matches the quote which you have

  2. He really is the king of meltdowns. The quote fits the picture’s or is it the picture fits the quote. Scratch that, Its more like a picture is worth a thousand words.

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