piano man

Ok, I am getting a tad bit frustrated because I do not know how to post content (video/visual) on the ds106 site. What I did was download an app on my phone called “camera fun” and I took a picture of my piano with the sketch effect on. It came out pretty cool, I think.  So, for now you can see I got the assignment from here. The pic is below: 

4 thoughts on “piano man

  1. Hey Ange,

    Your piano looks sketched, I dig it. I do think it looks pretty cool. It must have been difficult, maybe I’ll do one of those one day, it looks fun.

    -Rey Awesome

    • Yep, it does look sketched lol…it was actually really simple. I just downloaded an app and took the pic

  2. I think you did a good job in completing the assignment. Oh and I can totally relate to your frustration, but in the end aren’t you glad you learned something new, as well as your work, its really cool, Good job

  3. I love it, maybe you can give my son a few piano classes. When I was a younger I always wanted to learn how to play the piano, but never got the opportunity to do so. Great work!! by the way whats the name of the app?

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