The Sound Of Grace

I knew i would i would choose this assignment ever since the professor showed it to us in class, on Ds106  I get to use the two things i like, which is music and writing.This assignment was very fun for me because it allowed me to be creative in telling a story through the titles of songs i listen to.  I think this concept is cool and hope others enjoy it.


3 thoughts on “The Sound Of Grace

  1. Hey belinda,

    Your assignment was cool I liked your story with the music titles and such, it made sense and I remember wanting to do that but I didn’t really have enough songs, so I’m glad you got to do it it seems enjoyable. I also liked your switching of genres it reads you’ve got a versitile nature, cool!

    -Rey Awesome

  2. Amazing work, half of the things up there I don’t know, but out of curiosity I found myself googling. I enjoyed it.

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