Video Assignment – Last Friday Night Montage

So upon doing the video assignment from ds106 I hit a few bumps in the road trying to make sure the visual matched the audio as close as possible. Despite all else I did enjoy using my creative mind to do this assignment. I decide to do the assignment “Make a Montage”, where I had to take clips that matched what Katy Perry was signing about in her song “Last Friday Night”. I worked diligently on this and hope that you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing it.

Please click the link below:


As a future educator assignments such as this one, my students can   their favorite TV shows or songs into their own Montage of funny clips of themselves and friends.


4 thoughts on “Video Assignment – Last Friday Night Montage

  1. This is wonderful, seriously. I enjoyed it very much. I like the pics you chose to define the song as well. GREAT JOB=)

  2. Evelyn!

    This is truly great! I loved how your clips went perfectly with “Last Friday Night,” you surly found better pictures then I could! That’s an epic video clip. You did a good job of timing your clips as I know it gets annoying because you have to do it all individually, but it did very well pay off!

    -Rey Awesome

  3. Hey i think you did an awesome job. I also hit a few bumps on the road, trying to learn these new tools, but it was fun and did allow you to be creative. I will definitely use this in my class as a future educator as well.

  4. Very impressed. I will now, have to make time to do my own version of this assignment. Looks awesome.

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