Making Real Life Parabolas

After looking through some math projects, I was very underwhelmed. That was until I took another look at one of the “top math blogs” that I discovered after last assignment.

A homemade catapult! This project was used to help students use the information they learned after a unit on parabolas in a fun, and interesting way. I also think it would give students understand how math can be applied in a less abstract way.

5 thoughts on “Making Real Life Parabolas

  1. Soooo cool. I love that you’re going to build a catapult. You could also build a trebuchet as one of his students did. Even better, see if you can find designs for ancient catapults and build a few.

    Also you hyperlinked to Sweeney Math’s home page, when you should hyperlink to the specific catapult post. I had to scroll down the blog a bit to find it, and eventually it will get buried under newer posts. Finally when you hyperlink to a specific post, the author of the post receives a “pingback” which is a notification that someone is hyperlinking your posts.

  2. Hey Nat,

    I think this is a great idea! Making a real life parabola? That makes this project a project that focuses on all different kinds of learning styles. The kinesthetic, by making. The auditory by listening to instructions. The visuals by being able to see the actual motion. This is a wonderful way to teach about parabolas.

    -Rey Awesome

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  4. this is cool because with children it can illustrate what they do in having fun on the play ground using educational instruments in order teach them

  5. I think this is a good idea especially for tactile and visual learners. Those who have to see and feel to get a better understanding. Awesome idea,well I hope for the best 🙂

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