Big Mac? Um no, FRIES! umm..nevermind !

So for my audio assignment I across this very humorous assignment that asked me to pose as a customer at McDonald’s and pretty much give the worker a hard time. I am doing exactly what a customer did to me one time while I worked at Burger King. I am also of course doing a bit of exaggerating so i decided to tease the person on the register using my best Jamaican accent. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Big Mac? Um no, FRIES! umm..nevermind !

  1. This really made me bust out laughing listening to this. The crazy thing about this is that there are really people out there who act like that. Very Funny!!

  2. Just realized you and me both accomplished the same project. I enjoyed yours it was a bit more on the natural side, while mine was more rehearsed. Great job.

  3. Your so funny, This was a good assignment, I wonder how you responded to this customer, This was very entertaining 🙂

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