back to school I’m looking cool (audio assignment)

Now this one I had fun with lol…I was stuck on what to pick but I took inspiration from Christine from our class. I created a souncloud account and then searched for a funny audio clip from one of my favorite movies. The assignment from ds106 is here and I think most of you should figure it out! Hope you all enjoy the link below to the clip!! By the way,,,thanks Christine!!

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8 thoughts on “back to school I’m looking cool (audio assignment)

  1. Ange,

    LOL! “Back to school!” That I enjoyed- Good Sugar.

    Best, Rey Awesome

    • Good Sugar? Is that your guess? lol…if it is, you are wrong lol…its from an Adam Sandler movie

      • Not a guess hun, I try refraining from cusses. It really means good_ _ _ _… (stuff!)

  2. This literally made me laugh out loud. I enjoyed it and I wish I could hear more of this type of stuff everyday. It’s crazy how funny it is and it is definitely a great idea. You are so right, haha. We all should do more fun assignments like this, LOL.

  3. This was so funny, I’m a hug fan of Adam Sandler, so hearing his voice on the audio was enriching. You did a good job with picking that clip.

  4. Hey this was so funny, this must have been really fun for you, as soon as i head it i thought it was you doing another accent or being silly, but then later on as I was reading the assignment, i said this has to be Adam Sandler, I love his movies, good job

  5. That movie was funny. First thing I thought about was my son, visualizing him singing this son would be way too funny. Good stuff, Great work!!!

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