Rey Awesome in Apocalypto

For my visual assignment, I was to add myself into a movie scene. What better scene then from Apocalypto directed by Mel Gibson?

Add yourself to a movie scene! Preferable a famous movie. The creepier you are, the better.

Using I managed to crop out my head from an image and paste it onto this actual image from the movie; and I added my mask by drawing on my actual image, it was fun!

Students that can learn the photo shop skill can always use it for presentations in school, at home, for work. Photoshopping believe it or not is a skill and a desired one since the world is only getting more and more technological. I really think that students can use this to express their thoughts as well. I think that the things your students gravitate to is a crucial thing to learn. Each student is different and when as a teacher, you are able to identify your students individually, you can better connect with that student. I feel that when their is a better connection with your students by understanding and knowing them, it provides support and comfort in learning. Also, teacher are able to adjust their lesson plans to the needs of every student.



4 thoughts on “Rey Awesome in Apocalypto

  1. LMFAO! that is too cool. I need to learn how to do that so I can photoshop myself in Channing Tatum’s backyard. HAHA. Just kidding but I like this. It does resemble the situation and you being in the movie which is pretty cool. Video editing seems really nice and awesome. I like what you came up with.

  2. lmao!! great job rey. You girls and Channing Tatum smh lol…I tried to use pixlr and couldn’t figure it out..good job

  3. Rey,

    I think you did a great job with adding yourself to this scene, you gave the scared shocked expression and all. I think this assignment helped us all tap into I creative side. Good Job!!

  4. Very funny, Isn’t it amazing that technology allows you to create a variety of things like such. Hurray for technology and its continuing advances.

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