great scenes in cinema(montage)

I was looking forward to making a video and had decided to¬† make a video montage assigned by the ds106 blog, but had problems with the program i was using which was Cyberlink Power director. so for know I’ve posted a previous video i made, using video clips from some of my favorite movies. As i stated before the programs i used to make this video were Power director which helps edit and produce the video and trim the clips you would like to use in your video. another program was dvd dycripter which downloads your dvd onto your computer and allows you to select the scenes you would like to use. since this was my first attempt it took me about 3 hours to complete the video, but after getting know how to use the programs by researching i am know able to do them with ease.


One thought on “great scenes in cinema(montage)

  1. Great work, the audio and the scenes fit perfectly. One more thing masterpieces take time to create, glad you didn’t give up. Awesome job.

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