Let Us See

This assignment that causes us to be makers.  It involves a lot of creative thinking and planning.  I have been thinking of what to make and I was blank for a good while, so I decided to watch the video with Grant Potter and he gave me ideas on how to look at this assignment.  This assignment is not about just building for the sake of building but this assignment is to motivate us to be thinkers so we don’t become complacent robots who are programmed. We often wonder why there are only few people like Potter and people that he pointed out within his lecture, like the boy who built a windmill that was supposed to be for irrigation and ended up being a tower for electrcity, or the person who made the incubator out of car parts.  The man who made the tower said his mother and others thought he was crazy because he was using everyday resources that was not expected to perform such tasks.  He is not crazy, as a matter of fact he is normal, the crazy ones are the ones who just complain about a problem and do nothing about it.  This is why this assignment is significant because its teaching us as individuals to be problem solvers, learnig how to make something out of nothing.  This is why I really enjoyed wacthing the video.  I also enjoyed the potter video because it revealed that failure was not the end of the world, but rather its part of the process and should be embraced. Potter mentioned that school systems tend to limit students from taking risks and I believe that is true. School systems have created an environment where students are afraid to fail and therefore refuse to be creative and risktakers. This how I found out what I want to create.  I decided to create a song and music(making a beat from scracth, which i have never done) that will help Elementary School teachers transition from one subject to another smoothly.  It will allow students to be boosted up and prepared for the next session.  I have obsereved elementary school classes and students are just going from one thing to the next without a smooth transition and I’m hoping to fix that with this invention.  This invention might change because I think I should make something a bit more tangible. I’m open for more ideas, but this is what it is for now.  I hope it all works out.

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2 thoughts on “Let Us See

  1. Right on with so many of your comments regarding Grant’s talk. Yes the “crazy ones are the ones that just complain.” And the making of music is a cool idea, though I think it might work better for the ds106 sound assignments. Now if you were to come up with a way to get students to build tools to make music…and share it…. Just dreaming, but see what’s out there! You’d be surprised what kinds of kits are out there.

  2. Thanks professor, I agree i”ll find a way that we can make music, it would be better if the students are involved in making the music and therefore when its time to transition they will respond to it in a more exciting way than if it was some random song they have no connection to, great awesome, i have been enlightened, i l also check other things out to see whats out there as you said, Thanks

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