Facing The Mirror

Wow The video really expose the true feelings of most students includiing myself.  Once again this video showed how unfocused the education system is.  A format is displayed and is expected to work all the time.  No one is observing or listening to the voice of the students but rather educators and others involved in the education system are doing what they are told.  There is some foundation but there are many gaps, incomplete pieces.  This is why  I chose this image, because my college experience is not totally terrible but I notice that there are a lot of incomplete pieces.  There are many expectations and goals for students but how are we as students supposed to be the best and sucessful, when we don’t have the full picture to show us how to get to the finish line.  How are we supposed to meet the requirements envisioned for us as students when there are a lot of obstacles in our way and no guidance or solutions on how to overcome these challanges. The video pointed out there are a lot of problems that we as student did not start but are blamed for and paying the consequences for everyday we walk in to a classroom.    

incomplete puzzle

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  1. the image you chose does support what your saying, i kinda feel the same way here at York. we can only hope for the best, since mostly everyone has a sour feeling about college.

  2. I really like this pic, it fits the way you feel perfectly, just like many other students. You are right when you say that something is being displayed to us we are expected to reach the goals, yet sometimes we don’t have the necessary support or guidelines to reach them. Although I will say that for the most part my college experience so far has been quite satisfying, of course there are flaws in the education system just like like there are with anything else. Hopefully as time goes on, things will continue to progress in a manner that will benefit us and those that are to follow.=)

  3. Belinda,

    Awesome points, your really tracking on something! There are missing pieces in our educational systems and most of us talk amongst ourselves and complain about the incompleteness of the system. Sometimes I wonder if its better off this way.. hear me out-

    Sometimes it is important to have people fail. If everyone could succeed it would be somewhat equivalent to a socialist society. Everyone would have everything everyone else would have and sure that sounds great. But wheres the incentive? No thrive and dive. Sometimes I feel like the incompleteness in the system is one that forces its students to fill in the gap. The competition can show us how to get to the finish line.

    Sincerely, Rey Awesome

  4. The puzzle is definitely incomplete, I could not agree more. As mentioned by earlier posts, sometimes we have to find the motivation within ourselves to succeed because the educational facility is not providing that for us. However, I still believe that it is the duty of all teachers and professors to be a light where there is darkness. A professor needs to be a mentor and confidant.

  5. WOW! I love the picture that you used to really get your feelings out there. I think sometimes I feel the same exact way that you do and thats really sad. I hope that one day you feel truly complete and that you feel like this is somewhere you belong and a place that you want to be in. I personally feel that this image describes the way that most college students feel but honestly, they won’t admit it and thats fine. I wish there were more offices or more people or more places that would offer services where people could talk to them confidentially about their feelings. That would be great if you cant trust your friends or peers.

  6. I agree with you on both Prof. Smiths video and about your vision of college today. There are certainly a foundation but there are also GAP’s in the college education. I look at our image and it certainly does mirror education.

  7. The image posted is a great illustration of the current problems in higher education. There are missing pieces in the puzzle education that it makes difficult to see the full picture. As future educators we cannot go into the field thinking that we will have all of the missing puzzle pieces, but rather focusing on getting at least one piece of the puzzle to make a difference.

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