College: Cruel Reality and Wild Imagination

Where to start? College are considered facilities for “higher education” and it is supposed to prepare you for the “real world” and all the misery of being an adult that comes with it (I will become more positive as the post continues lol). However, my personal experience with College has been decent. I probably do not fully appreciate the experience yet since I just finished paying $500 for a summer course and have yet to graduate. Or maybe because I did not get the “full experience” of going away and being in a dorm or frat like a lot of my friends have done. Well here I am, in a 4 year CUNY school which has a horrible reputation for a college (deserved or undeserved). It is my reality. However, I live by the words a professor told me: it is not where you get your degree, it is what you do with it. I think that helps me go through my remaining college days with optimism.

I learned a long time ago that If you want to become educated you have to be willing to give it your all, physically, mentally, and definitely monetarily speaking. I was excited to enter college my freshman year believing it would be an experience like no other, and it has been–not for all the right reasons though.

The video illustrates the typical college lecture hall. Every time I see a lecture hall I envision robots being programmed. I often feel that I myself am a robot being programmed in order to serve the human race. I am constantly fed information which I am told is “useful”. I am paying for these services so for my sanity I must psychologically  accept that whatever a professor is telling must be prophecy and correct. Hence, the robot is born.

Oh The Humanity!!!

I believe that the purpose of college is to create individuals suited to serve societies needs. While that is all fine and dandy I believe that our creativity is being lost because we must fulfill bullshit requirements which hinders our ability to focus on we what love to do (usually our major).

Here comes the optimism–while all seems rather bleak, I believe that we (future educators) can turn the ugly into good. We need to be progressive thinkers and not try to uphold the status quo.

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8 thoughts on “College: Cruel Reality and Wild Imagination

  1. lol I love the whole robot expression, it was nicely put. Also what you said about students creativity being lost is true. I believe that this is why a lot of students are bored and unmotivated, there’s nothing in a lecture hall that allows them to express themselves. As future educators we are being taught Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence, but all we see in todays college classroom is one learning style, which is not fair to other students, oh and the professor who told you those wonderful words is right, I have been told those same words and see good results in giving your all

  2. I really do agree with you. I felt the same way when I first started to attend this school. I didn’t even want to go here but I had no other choice. Your professor was wise and I’m sure that you will graduate despite all the crap you have endured. You will graduate and definitely move on to bigger and better things in this world. Unfortunately you are right and you stated the raw truth about spending so much money on a summer course yet its taking forever to get where your going. I kind of feel trapped with the school education policy of taking a subject along with education classes because it prolongs graduation and the school makes more money, SAD. One day, I do hope your vision for a better learning experience occurs with great ease and it will.

  3. To de-program the robots, think like a hacker of education. You may enjoy following education writer Audrey Watters via her blog and twitter feed. Find the network that is engaged in these ideas so you don’t have to feel alone in this effort.

  4. “Misery if being an adult” lol, good one, the post did become more positive as you went along. I agree with what your professor once told you about “it matters what you do with your degree, not where you get it”. It is crucial that people begin to understand that, but of course there is much competition in this world and that will always be in place. I do wish that there was less time put into fulfilling certain requirements and more time for hands on experiences that will truly prepare us for the jobs that we will one day hold. It is necessary that the educations system gets tweaked(very tweaked) in order to try to help educators deliver their messages and information in a way that is appealing to students. It’s all about evolving and being “progressive thinkers”. =)

  5. Preach on brotha, haha no really though you have a good point, hopefully everything will improve after graduation.

  6. Angel,

    “It is not where you get your degree, it is what you do with it.” This is a really strong quote and thanks to you I’m storing that one for better days and post graduation. I think that it is important that we as students try to make some sort of sense with work fed to us and maybe try to explore the relationship to the work maybe it’ll trigger some sort of understanding. I do feel that I can be robotic too but lets deactivate robots as professor Smith mentioned.

    Ms. Reyla

  7. “it is not where you get your degree, it is what you do with it” Excellent quote and great words of widsom given to you by your professor. Its supports my thoughts on how we all come across so many individuals as students. The key ingredient is taking these points and use them as motivational tool and resource to help us throughout our careers.

    Your idea on upcoming educators being “progressive thinkers” is an excellent approach to have.

  8. I agree with you, we “envision robots being programmed. I often feel that I myself am a robot being programmed in order to serve the human race. I am constantly fed information which I am told is “useful”.” USEFUL not at all. By the end of my senior year I will be taking two classes that WILL be even more useful to my teaching career. They are called “supervised student teaching”. Although other EDUCATION courses are interesting and valuable, students need more internships like Mast and other programs that enhance fieldwork experience.

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