Your Vision of College Today

Watch the embedded video above, “A Vision of Students Today,” by Michael Wesch.

Blog a response to the video, find a text, image, and/or video that in some way relates to your undergraduate experience to date. Describe why this text, image, and/or video relates to your undergraduate experience. Before posting, be sure to review the course blog for other students’ responses, please do not use the same image, text, and/or video that someone else has previously blogged about.

9 thoughts on “Your Vision of College Today

  1. I believe technology is a blessing and a curse at the same time. the reason why the old way of learning is fading out is because how relevant the internet has become. People no longer take time to read a whole book for information when they can google what they are looking for. As students traditional education is trailing society and how they utilize technology in order for students to gain the most learning experience and keep them interested

  2. Thanks Michael for posting your comment here, and I agree that the relevance of the internet has much to do with the shake-up in education, as well as economic pressures. Be sure to follow through with your ideas in your blog post as well. Can’t wait to see what you discover to associate with your ideas!

  3. I am working on that now having alittle difficulty resizing the picture i have found. i am not on the mac computer so it does not offer the same feature when you left click the mouse …i remember you said the width had to bearound 580

  4. @ professor smith …never mind had to experiment alittle bit to figure out how to do it but i got it. I guess that’s how learning in the futuristic classroom is, learning from your own intuition instead of having direct answers.

  5. @ professor smith…awesome video. I really believe that majority of educators are “stuck in their ways.” However, that’s the way life is. Change is always met with opposition because someone is made uncomfortable, and no one wants to be uncomfortable. I also believe that the setting of a typical college classroom is rather bland as illustrated in the video. One can look at York College for example and see exactly what I am talking about

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