Resisting the Heroic Role when the Government Declares a Crisis


After watching the Jim Groom video and hearing him talk about how the term Educational Crisis and how it’s being blown out of proportion, I did my research about other issues of educational crisis. I came across a article in “The New Yorker”  called “The Overblown Crisis in American Education” by Nicholas Lemann, in the article it brings up many valid points of why the term is being overly used when it comes to the American Educational System. The article discusses the education crisis is mainly always focused on the low quality of education that poor urban children is receiving, the author mentions this is not a new problem but a problem that been around since the beginning of time.  He pointed out that despite how much the system is talked down upon it is still succeeding. During the time of the recession more students are opting to go to colleges & universities for higher education despite the rapid tuition increase and the many For-profit online institutes popping up. The author then went on to discuss the emerging of Charter Schools versus Public Schools and how they are the problem because he stated that there were no known facts that they are better than Public schools. He stated that Charter Schools are fitted together to neatly and come off as sort of being “perfect”. Charter schools are known as being apart of school-reform efforts where they are suppose to have some of the better performing students. Charter schools is not the only school-reform efforts but its the most recognized, many others go unnoticed or unmentioned. The author stresses that instead of the government “Noah’s Arking” the system by trying to wash away the entire system and starting over they should try to fix what’s undeniably wrong without declaring the entire system broken. This alone will eliminate all the heroic effects that tend to take place when it comes to the many  school-reforms thats taking place, he compares the efforts to deregulating the banking system.
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6 thoughts on “Resisting the Heroic Role when the Government Declares a Crisis

  1. eirbly88,

    You definitely made a good point that I guess I didn’t think about, these problems have been around for a long time. They are just now becoming something that we frequently hear about it on the news, similar to how rapidly our population is growing. We are managing to see students still graduate and people still attending college more than ever. There’s an up and down for everything, and I feel that’s just how it has always been and will continue to be…

  2. Awesome post! I honestly believe that the whole “more people opting to college” thing is the result of people realizing that high school diploma does not mean much, therefore they must go to college..and of course colleges are cashing in as much as they can. Also, the video points out the elephant in the room which no one wants to talk about–PARENTS!!! Parents are the foundation of education, not teachers. However, they are not involved with the school process. However, I do not like Cenk’s naive idea that just telling someone “to get straight A’s” will work…parents have to do more than that…they have to be involved, go to school, speak to teachers

    • Arod,

      I agree with you, I don’t agree with the point that Cenk’s makes that getting straight A’s is the solution to the problem. Some of these teachers methods of teaching is not best way of teaching students. The root of the problem is deeper than that. It does start with the parents and how they’re preparing and helping their children for school. Many parents don’t follow-up or ask their students about what they learned for the day and thats the problem. It just seems like one big “Blame Game”, where no one wants to take responsibility for our struggling children.

  3. These problems have definitely been around since the beginning and that is a very good point. The education system needs to address the students that they have been continuously undeserved. However, javing a crisis mentality leads schools and policy makers into wanting to fix it and fix it now; which is often not the best way to solve a problem.

  4. I agree that they should fix whats wrong without declaring the whole system broken, it seems like either nobody wants to take time to find the problem and help fix it or the problem is known and nobody wants to fix it because deep down it’s not seen as important, we keep trying to come up with new formulas that does not address a problem but just covers it for a brief moment, as a result the problem comes out worst than before. This is what has been taking place and if it does not stop it will only get worse as time goes on. Good Topic

  5. These things that are happening are seriously ridiuiculous. I dont understand why nothing is being down to bring about some type of change at all. It’s crazy. Where will we be like ten years from now if this occurence keeps going the way it does? This article is good because it definitely sheds some light on people that are actually hungry and want an education. They want to attend school despite the prices, etc. That is something to definitely be proud of. Unfortunately in the United States education seems to be something thats at the bottom of the barrel which is very sad. Something needs to be done to fix this problem. It is sad. Great topic by the way. It’s very informing and interesting.

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