Bridging the gap in education with technology

In todays progressive society in technology teachers implement technology into the classes which gives students a practical experience in the course curriculum.Through technology teachers guide students learning instead of telling students what they should learn. students learn from critical thinking and how the topic relates back to themselves. Technology in the class breaks from the traditional setting of education because there are more tools to model what students should be looking for within the topic.

In the article ” A Survey of Surgical Simulation: Applications, technology, and Education

Liu, A & et al. (2003) states ” Simulators provide a structured learning experience, permitting practice without danger to patients, and simulators facilitate the teaching of rare or unusual cases… simulators can also be used to provide an objective assessment of skills (pg.599). Technology can assimilate real life situations in learning friendly environment. Students skills can be  assessed with how proficient they solve a problem or complete lesson objectives.

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  1. Hey mob,

    Technology can quite possible bridge a gap in todays educational system. I think that its almost second nature. I believe teachers can benefit as well as students in this case. Better classroom management can be established when computers can track which students did what and how long they may take to solve a problem or what subject areas they may need help on. I think that computers in the classroom can be a very effective way to produce creativity and even communication for the most part. What I tend to throw up in the air is the critical thinking aspect of computers. Personally most of the time I’m google searching which helps my research skills online but I always tend to wonder, what ever happened to books? I bet libraries lost their lust huh? By the way, I mispelled misspell but I right clicked and it totally fixed it for me. See, thats kind of what I mean without the computer telling me wrong from right, I would have been wrong until I was right. Eh I’m weird sorry.

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  2. You made a valid point with your post and the video further explained your point. I’ve taken “Online Only” courses at my previous college where I had to rely on technology to read my text and to interact with my professor and classmates. It was a lil rough start but over time it became second nature and convenient where I can log in from anywhere and post or reply to questions. I think with the growing demand of technology and the way society is geared to revolve everything around technology I think it will be beneficial in the classroom.

  3. @ eriby88 with the evolving pace of the world technology will become part of everything and it make sense that teachers implement it in order to keep up with the changing times

  4. laugh out loud @ rayla misspelling mispell and how the computer(technology) fixed the incorrection for you

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