Commentary: We Must Quickly Address the Educational Crisis Facing Young Men of Color

We all took the SAT’s or possibly the ACT exam as a possible entrance exam to get accepted into high school right? The College Board was the main site to access information on test scores, helpful resources, etc. Well College ¬†Board has pinpointed a few issues that are facing today’s society.

To me, America seems like the land of the home and the brave an more importantly, the free. Education is such a huge fundamental and necessity in today’s economy. Today’s economy is filled with a cornucopia of different types of people completely trying to finish their education. One of hose types of people searching for the light are colored (primarily African- American male students)

Today, young men of color face a challenge that lends itself much more towards apathy than activism. Many young men of color are not pushed to their limits by rigorous coursework in high school. Many find themselves adrift at large universities without organized support systems. And some are forced to choose between personal obligations and academic responsibilities.ere is an education crisis facing young men of color. It’s not on the front page of the newspaper. People aren’t organizing on Facebook or Twitter. But it’s out there, and if we fail to address this crisis together, the education level of the entire American workforce will decline for the first time in our history.







8 thoughts on “Commentary: We Must Quickly Address the Educational Crisis Facing Young Men of Color

  1. This is a very interesting post. “Many find themselves adrift at large universities without organized support systems”. I was not aware of that, and it is great that you shed light on an issue that can most definitely become a bigger problem in the long run. Everything that has a potential for becoming a huge problem/crisis needs to be addressed early on…

  2. Was there a particular source that you could link to that talks about this issue? And it’s sad to see that there isn’t ‘organizing’ and you referenced Facebook and Twiiter as social media organizational hubs. Why do you think that’s the case? Are they the wrong place for these kinds of groups to organize? What do you think would be a better place (digital or F2F)?

  3. good post, i agree that we must work together in finding a solution to this problem. many other minority groups face the same problem, the community should work more with the schools in order to push our young adults to achieve a higher education and provide support where needed, in order to insure success in high school and after high school.

  4. This is very true, its sad that it’s not on the front page of the newspaper or being organized on Facebook and twitter because this is breaking news and it should be addressed. I first realized this in High school. I went to Boys and Girls High school and i realized that young men of color have it hard when it comes to attempting to be successful, there are so many obstacles that stand in their way, which is what you mentioned, this was very interesting, Good Job

  5. I love this topic because i am an african american male. In the introduction it mentioned SAT’s and ACT’s exam as an entrance exam to high school which i believe is a mistake by the author of this article for it is and entrance exam in order to get into college. I believe social networks can be used a forum to push the agenda for african american males to pursue education through twitter or facebook. This will help the epidemic of african american males finishing their education and joining the workforce to stimulate the employment work force because of the interest from people who support this movement. I agree that many african american males are not finishing their education because of the personal obligations in life and that organizations should help those out who would want to continue their education and finish school. I think the rallying of the people should be directly to the media on the news.

  6. Nice post. I agree that it is an issue that very few seem to pay attention. However, another issue that I would recommend everyone should look into is the amount of African-American athletes that go to college with athletic scholarships. Are they receiving a good education? Or does their academic performance come second to what they do for their school’s football or basketball team?

  7. Great post Malika,

    I totally dig this, its not very often that a topic such as this appears. I think that you’ve raised an awareness that has always been underlying in our heads but pulled it out from under the carpet into the open. Its great that this topic interest you. i think it is important for a future teacher like you and I to try to become these students support system as well.

    best, Rey Awesome

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