Budget cuts on NYC after school programs

Budget cuts on NYC after school program’s is a growing concern for many parents, which in some cases provide an affordable child care that enables them to hold on a job knowing their kids are safe and learning. According to the article in the New York Times Curtailing a service that parents depend on, mayor Michael Bloomberg is proposing to cut back on New York’s 454 sites which provide students with enrichment programs from 3 to 6pm. the proposal would reduce the 454 sites to 261 sites, which would save $19 million in a budget of $67 billion .

This proposal would affect students who are benefiting from after school programs that are ranked as one of the best in the city , for example a site due for closing is Intermediate school 318 in wiilliamsberg, which produced the best middle school chess team in America and recently won the national high school championship. All the team members learned how to play chess at this schools after school program, and were featured on the front page of the New York Times last month . If the proposal is accepted, the end of these schools top rated after school programs have come to an end and for some it will  be seen as an educational apocalypse.

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  1. I also wrote my post on this, because it’s extremely disturbing to me that somehow the mayor believes that by cutting child care programs it will benefit communities and the city as a whole. Everything that happens in this city affects us all and we should take a stand on what we think is not right! =)

  2. I feel that by them proposing such a cut it will heavily impact many communities especially low-income households whom rely heavily on their children attending these programs while their at work. These programs are beneficial to the students as well because they get to take a break from their academics and get to expand on their ex curricular activities as well as hang with their peers in a positive environment. Mayor Bloomberg should really take into consideration all these aspects before making such a drastic cut.

  3. The cutting and cutting is such a drag. What do you think they should do as an alternative? They sadly always have to prioritize ways to spend a limited budget The PTA at my son’s school has filled in the gap some after school programs, but it asks parents do a lot to step in to donate time and money. Not easy for all working parents, but it does point to families being creative and trying to step in.

  4. I am so angry at just the thought the thought of budget cuts. Teachers and education in general are such a prize possession to the world. Bloomberg is such a douchebag seriously..he wants to interfere and try to fix things that don’t need any type of fixing in general. Budget cuts are outrageous. It’s like cutting a piece of happiness away from a student for example if the budget cuts are going towards a great cause such as after school, music, and gym. There should be 10 X more funding for education. This is absurd and they us government money for stupid things and not causes that actually need them.

  5. It is clear that mayor bloomberg doesn’t care about the children, the future of the world or middle class and lower income people. Mayor bloomberg only wants to cut funds which is affecting the working society the back bone of this country who make it possible for this guy to be a billionaire. It’s funny how we as lower income people have to be self sufficient and invest in our own private schools and other endeavors but we are taxed the most and have attribute to the wealthy. By cutting the budget in afer school programs you are not giving children much of an outlet to positively find programs which are constructive and reward them for their actions. The quality of such programs are severely affected and it builds disinterest and will eventually lead to drop off rate participation in afterschool which will have adverse affects with the youth.

  6. This is one topic that I have heard of many times and it’s tragic because many children need these programs. When I was a child I did not get the chance to get into the beacon after-school program in my school because of limited staff. So I would go home and do my homework (something I struggled with, but tried to the best of my ability to get done. My parents could only help me to a great extent because my parents did not peak English well themselves), I watch television, and also play in our backyard. To say the very least this program could have benefited me in may ways.

    After school programs are something that we should find an alternative to or fight for because many hard-working families depend on it. Yes, the city has a budget to maintain but it should not be at the cost of neglecting children the opportunity of a beneficial program. If these programs are cut children would sort out to things such as playing video games (many times violent) , watching un-educational channels, and even getting involved in illegal activities.

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