Budget Cuts to critical after-school programs in NYC! WHO’S IDEA? BLOOMBERGS OF COURSE!

The proposed budget cuts by mayor Bloomberg to after-school programs across NYC is one that will become an educational and economical crisis to say the least.  More than 56,000 children will be left without a spot in an educationally enriched after-school program that they were once a part of.  Many low and middle income working parents rely on these after-school programs, and will have to quit their job in order to take care of their children.  How can this be any good for future of the children and the economy of the city?  In the article “Curtailing a Service That Parents Depend On”, it is stated that from 454 educational after-program sites currently open, that will be reduced to 261 sites across the city.  Now really, how is that benefiting the city? Perhaps I will be quite critical of the proposed ideas (usually I don’t pay much attention to politics and the economy but as a future educator and parent, I feel this is totally wrong), but for politicians and society constantly saying that the economy is in a downward spiral, well, this certainly adds to to that downward spiral.  Think about it for a minute, tons of children across the City losing  access to after-school programs which help them with their homework and keeps them of the dangerous city streets while their parents are at work; will result in parents having to lose their job, then being supported by government assistance, and in the end, they will not be able to contribute as a taxpayer which in turn will lead to other cuts in the budget.  Okay, this by now, should sound like a crisis.  It most certainly is, however, it may not be as  bad as it has been made out to be.  Hopefully the proposed cuts are just one of those in which “the city council comes to the rescue by restoring at least some of the money”.

Students practicing yoga postures during an after-school program at Public School 24 in Brooklyn.

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Hello to everyone! A little about myself....I am currently majoring in Bilingual Childhood Education and I will be entering my 4th semester once the Fall semester begins. I graduated BMCC in Jan of 2011 with a degree in Liberal Arts... Everyday I try to do my best in everything and maintain a positive mind in order to move forward and fulfill my goals. Although I feel like I've been on the college path for an eternity, I've realized for me, "steady and slow wins the race" :) I love tropical places and I hate pollution! Hope to island and country hop with my family one day:) Good luck to all, in all that you do!

13 thoughts on “Budget Cuts to critical after-school programs in NYC! WHO’S IDEA? BLOOMBERGS OF COURSE!

  1. Hi christinev0814,

    I agree that cutting after school programs are not helpful to NYC and lower income households will suffer dramatically. That being said, some cuts are always needed. While Bloomberg’s requests might be extreme it is not out of the ordinary. Overall, there are definitely more things that can be cut from the budget where it will not ultimately hurt families who are already in dire need of help. As we all know, Bloomberg is not a friend of the teacher’s union or school for that matter.

    • Very true that budget cuts are necessary in order to continue running the city and allow funding for other things. Unfortuntely, it is usually at the expense of the education system…Hopefully we can start making some noise about all this and our voices will eventually be heard and the city will want to hush us up and do something bout it all=)

  2. Yea I do agree this is a problem that will definitely add to the downward spiral in terms of the economy. I know making cuts are always the hardest things to do because someone is always going to be unsatisfied or frustrated that they’re being cut, but my issue is every time something needs to be cut, it has to involve the education department. Education is so significant and major to this country. Cuts are supposed to be made on what is not needed not what is. It’s a shame that people don’t see the significance of after school, on a broader scale education as a whole.

    • Thanks for your insight on my post!
      Yes, what frustrates me as well is that cuts always need to be made to the education department and then theres always complaints about graduation rates and so forth..perhaps because children end up getting discouraged! So sad..Change will hopefully occurr slowly but surely, positive change that is.

  3. I love the graphics that you used to depict your issue. So many children would be affected because of Mayor Bloomberg’s ridiculous plans for cutting the best things out. Knowledge is power and no one could take your education away from you. I think thats so sad that parents would have to literally quit their jobs to take care of their children. This is really sad. I really hope things take a different turn and change for the better.

  4. Hey Christinev0814,

    This was a very enlightening post. I agree that cutting these programs could have terrible consequences for many working parents in NYC. Having a stable and safe place for children while their parents are working can make a huge difference in a child’s life. This could led to many parents forced to quit their job, or cut back their hours, children left in a less than ideal child care alternative, or even children left alone. While cut-backs are a necessary and challenging part of running city, I wonder if there was another program that could have been cut.

    • Hey Nathlie,

      Thanks! This step that is planned to eliminate hundreds of after school program can and will have many negative consequences for families. I’m hopeful that it won’t be as bad as planned. Voices need to be heard because all these steps affect us sooner or later. =(

  5. this issue is always alarming especially when the department of education and the mayor want to eliminate after school programs that work and show an improvement in engaging students to learn new things like yoga, chess as well as helping them with their homework.

    • Yes! It’s unbelievable that some of these programs that are being eliminated are the best in the city! shameful….

  6. Hey Christine,

    Your post subject is interesting. I think that cutting funds for after school programs are quite extreme also since most students in New York stay after school. It is sad that after school programs are being cut because students have time for homework then and teachers can have more individual time for students. Students could also form special attachments during this time, it is unfair.

    Best, Rey Awesome

    • thanks! Very true about the special attachments. I see it in my sons after school program all the time. They love their counselors and teachers. My son himself is in 1st grade, he loves the program, and once his classmates and him heard that there may no longer have a place to have fun at and do their homework at he particularly cried!=( He loves his teacher because he has formed that special attachment which is inevitable. Hopefully the city council will restore some of the funds. Thanks!

  7. All this talk about improving schools, graduation rates etc,. programs like such are pivotal element that aid students to achieve in school. Not only reach that goal, but gain interest in school in itself.

    The first time I heard about this topic was at home while watching the evening news, a few kids were interviewed and they were literally distraught by the thought of their after school program being shut down. The first thing that I thought about was my very dear fourth grade teacher and after-school teacher Ms. Mojica. With her help I took an interest in books especially, the Chronicles of Narnia (all seven books). How funny, when the movie came out only a few years ago I was excited to see it and compare it to the actual book.

    Amazing things like this happen in after school programs and I believe Mayor Bloomberg is not aware of this.

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